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2 ½” Corrugated

2½” Corrugated

2½˝ Corrugated is a light gauge, exposed fastener panel ideal for light-commercial, residential roof and walls, agricultural roof, and soffit applications. This
versatile panel is a top choice for project designs ranging from country to modern.


Gauge: 26ga
(ZINCALUME® Plus only)
Wall Coverage: 32"
Roof Coverage: 29⅓"
Rib Height: ½"
Rib Spacing: 2⅔"

Gauge: 26ga and 29ga
(Dura Tech xl)
Wall Coverage: 24"
Roof Coverage: 21⅓"
Rib Height: ½"
Rib Spacing: 2⅔"

Produced in: Sacramento, CA

Features / Benefits 

  • New expanded 32" panel coverage, offering faster installation with less panels and sidelaps. Available only in 26ga ZINCALUME® Plus.
  • With an extended lead time, 32" profile available in 22ga and 24ga in our premium Dura Tech 5000 paint system. Inquire for color availability and minimum order size.
  • 24" panel coverage available in 26ga and 29ga in our Dura Tech xl paint system.
  • Limited lifetime warranty available on residential applications.
  • Matching fiberglass skylight panels are available.
  • Economical standard and custom trim packages available with every order.
  • 2½" Corrugated panel assemblies are Class A Fire Rated when installed on non-combustible deck or framing per IBC or IRC. 2½" Corrugated panel assemblies are also Class A Fire Rated per UL790 when installed in accordance to UL listings. UL Class A Fire (pdf)

Colors and Warranties 

Depend on superior color retention and corrosion resistance with Dura Tech xl. The tested and proven technology promises a lifetime of durability, and is offered in a number of standard Cool Colors.

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