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Product Detail

Iron Ox Corrugated

IronOx Corrugated

IronOx Corrugated is offered in a heavy 22 gauge panel that is designed to naturally rust, providing the immediate look of a historic corrugated wall panel.

Iron Ox Corrugated

Gauge: 22

Wall Coverage: 34⅔"

Rib Height: 7/8"

Rib Spacing: 2⅔"

Produced in: Fontana, CA

Features / Benefits 

  • Heavy 22-gauge steel with 36” out-to-out width.
  • Unpainted and untreated steel allows the surface to rust and form a natural iron oxide finish.
  • Matching flatsheet offered in 46” width.
  • Fastener option; plated/painted fasteners in Terra-Cotta color.
  • Available as standard trim pieces ordered by part number.

Colors and Warranties 

IronOx is ONLY available in bare steel and NOT WARRANTABLE

Installation Guide Details